TerraCycle Global Foundation

We teamed up with TerraCycle Global Foundation to help remove and recycle trash from waterways that lead to the ocean.

TerraCycle Global foundation is a registered 501c non-profit organization that develops innovative ways to eliminate waste. Their removal methodologies are highly effective and beneficial to the environment and the communities in which they operate. TerraCycle Foundation does not simply remove garbage from waterways. They sort, clean, and process the materials so they can recycle them with "zero waste to landfill." After processing, the waste is used to produce new products across various categories. In addition, they assist communities and schools with setting up waste banks, educate participants on how to reduce waste, increase recycling, and encourage the adoption of reusable and sustainable goods. This comprehensive program teaches waste management for households, schools, and workplaces.

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Why is it important to remove trash from waterways and the ocean?

An estimated 20 billion pounds or more of waste are dumped in the ocean yearly. Plastics and an extensive list of other non-biodegradable materials pollute the ocean, which damages the ecosystem, kills fish and wildlife, and contaminates our seafood. 

The damage from trash and plastics begins long before it reaches the ocean. On its journey, waste accumulates and clogs waterways, releasing chemicals and pollutants. When we remove garbage sooner, it decreases the negative impact on the environment.


How are we supporting?

Every product we sell contributes to ocean cleaning and recycling waste. Through our partnership with TerraCycle Global Foundation, we pledge to remove at least 1 pound of trash from waterways for every product sold. Our products help create awareness of the adverse environmental effects caused by improper waste management and create sustainable jobs in communities most impacted by waste. Educating as many people as possible is vital to reducing ocean waste -- protecting our planet and our future.

Our first goal, with your support, is to remove and recycle 10,000,000 pounds of water waste to help keep the oceans clean and healthy for future generations.


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